so if you you think it looks like a more manic 3D Dot Heroes

The game is built with voxels, so if you you think it looks like a more manic 3D Dot Heroes, that's why. It's basically the same thing, constructing a game world out of pixel cubes.The devs say it's fairly - “mostly just Robotron set in a 3d destructible world with goofy creatures” - but given there's also a touch of Smash TV to the game (it's based in small “arenas”), that sounds just fine to us.It'll be out later this year on PC and Mac (plus other replica Omega 2909.50.38 Men's Watch undisclosed platforms).Voxatron [Lexaloffle, via IndieGames]”Lenovo - yes, boring old Lenovo - has one of the more interesting gaming-related products on show at this week's CES: a box that transforms a laptop computer into a pint-sized arcade cabinet.

All you do is pop the stick open and there's room to slide in a laptop. Close it back up and you have the world's cutest - albeit least practical - fighting game arcade unit.Sadly, it's not an actual product, just a gimmick thrown together for the replica Omega Planet Ocean 2209.50 wach show (it was built by Dean Liou from Envador, based on a design by the guys at EMDKAY). What's the deal, Lenovo? We wouldn't call you boring old Lenovo if you sold something like this, something that would make my kitchen counter the greatest kitchen counter in the world.

Lenovo Outs Laptop Arcade Casemod at CES [technabob]”We've already seen one way Microsoft's Kinect can be used to help bedroom game developers, but here's another, just as practical way: it can allow for home-grown motion capture.For professionals, motion-capture work is time-consuming, highly specialised and expensive. Indeed, it's one of the big reasons Rockstar's LA Noire has been so long in development.This replica Omega 2908.50.91 Men's Watch Kinect hack, though, makes it a relative breeze, cutting out those lycra suits, turning Kinect's own motion-recognition powers in on itself and using them to generate animated models. It taps into professional mo-cap software MotionBuilder and just dumps all the data right in there, in real-time.

Gameface is a photographic celebration of the people who make

Gameface is a photographic celebration of the people who make, play and love video games.”To: BrianFrom: LukeHere's what you missed:Colorbind Is The Excellent iPhone Game I Meant To BuyPortal 2's Robots Are Trying To Escape Its Box ArtWhy Minecraft Is So Damn PopularModern Ware Creators Taking Damage From Legal FeesYou Can replica Omega 2908.50.83 Men's Watch Now Install Your Own “Custom” PS3 FirmwareGaming's Newest Console Is...A Bunch Of Blocks?Blowing Up Blocks Rarely Looks This Good”I don't know what it is about fighting game fans that makes them so passionate about their genre of choice they go and make documentaries about it, but I like it.

“Run It Back” is a short doco by Zaid Tabani, which takes a look at a group of Street Fighter players working their way through the regional finals of a tournament.It's got fighting game footage and a ton of interviews, and while the whole thing is a little rough, the raw enthusiasm on show (and interviews with guys like Daigo) makes it well worth watching.This is the third and final instalment of Run It Back; hit the Vimeo link below to replica Omega 2210.50 Men's Watch see the other two.”We know, Christmas was so last week, but indulge us. This is so good it doesn't matter what time of the year you watch it.This is “8-Bit Holiday”, by Andrew Jive, and shows what the video game characters of yesteryear get up to in the dead of night while we humans sleep and wait for Santa.

"Publisher THQ just got the rights to make video games based on a whole range of Mattel toy properties. Think Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price and, most promising, Masters of the Universe."Would it be premature to say this already looks like replica Omega 2901.50.37 Watch one of 2011's prettiest games?It's Voxatron, an indie shooter in development at Lexaloffle. Sure, it's a bit sparse, but games don't look good on the basis of how many textures and models you can cram on the screen. They look good by virtue of just looking good, and Voxatron certainly looks good.

He and a half dozen friends built it over the course of a couple of weeks

He and a half dozen friends built it over the course of a couple of weeks in December, heroically dealing with some tech issues and holiday distractions. They've come out of the project inspired to build a town around their big mountain. Benoit told me he's made a McDonald's, a Starbucks, pyramids, a library, and even a hockey rink.You can keep replica Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Rattrapante Men's track of Benoit's work at his 337Studios Minecraft blog. Thanks for the build, Damien, and good luck with the town!”This right here is Kotaku's official forum. Join the conversation about video games in the comments below.Thanks to reader Ethan Kerr for today's image. Submit yours to TAYpics.

“Crayons have been around in one form or another since the time of the ancient Egyptians. But there hasn't been a major tech breakthrough for the stick of colored wax since the 19th Century. Until now!No longer will children be forced to color on placemats, bits of scrap from mom's purse or the construction . Thanks to Griffin Technology and the iMarker, replica Omega 2210.51 Men's Watch coloring has gone high tech. The company's $30 digital crayon may require an Apple iPad to use, but it does let you do things like create your own drawings, color them in and even use more than one color.Think about it! More than one color! And the best part, the digital crayon, available soon in a soulless grey, won't melt or smell funny.

“Coloring as kids know it is about to come alive in an amazing new way through our partnership with Griffin Technology,” said Warren Schorr, Head of Crayola Licensing. “Imagine a coloring book that morphs and changes as kids digitally color it in. This application is taking a classic play pattern and bringing it totally outside the box.”No word replica Omega 2910.51.82 Men's Watch yet if coloring outside the box will be available at launch.”Brett Favre may have actually retired this week. For good. To give you an idea of just how long this guy has been playing football, check out what he was doing on draft day back in 1991.

will be taking on some of IGN writers during the event

Yeah, that last bit was a little puzzling to me as well. Apparently Jim Lee, AKA Future Batman, will be taking on some of IGN writers during the event, with regular beta testers able to join the battle to help one side or the other triumph.Check out the complete schedule for U.S. PlayStation 3 and PC servers:US Beta Servers - Wednesday January replica Omega 3557.50 Men's Watch Wednesday January 5 / 5PM PT / Botanical Gardens (Batman vs. Lex) Once again, fight against Jim Lee aka The Future Joker, as he attempts to spawn chaos across the Universe!If you can't make it, don't fret: The DC Universe Online Facebook page will be tracking the battles' progress, keeping you abreast of what you're missing.

I'll try to make it on tonight, though I can't guarantee anything. With CES getting underway, I might not have the time. Fingers crossed!”Last month, we started wondering what a video game Mt. Rushmore would like. Into it would be carved not the faces of U.S. Presidents, but the heads of four gaming icons.We liked the idea of a mountain that replica Omega 3551.20 Men's Watch featured the titans of 2010 video gaming. That made us realize that the mountain itself had to be built in Minecraft, the PC building-block game that was one of the year's most extraordinary and popular games.We are not, however, expert Minecraft builders.

So, with the help of none other than Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of Minecraft, we put out a call (read: he tweeted it — thanks, Notch!).Among the potential builders who replied was South Carolina-based Minecraft fan Damien Benoit who assembled a team and built a mountain.After three different attempts by Benoit's team to build a mountain block by block, the result is what you see up top: A Mt. Rushmore whose face replica Omega 3556.50.00 Men's Watch alone consists of 2500 individually-placed blocks. In place of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, we've got Red Dead Redemption's John Marston, the iconic Minecraft man, an Angry Bird and Super Mario.The mountain is a free-standing structure on Benoit's Minecraft server.


things properly or to clean his clothes replica Ulysse Nardin watches adequately

Over the last five hundred years or so, if a sailor did something stupid like neglect his duties or disobey orders or insult his captain, or strike an officer, or desert the ship, or display rank incompetence or drunkenness or insubordination, or steal a dram of rum, or spit on the deck, or fail to stow his things properly or to clean his clothes replica Ulysse Nardin watches adequately, there were any number of punishments that could be meted out: the sailor could be flogged, or whipped, or pickled, or cobbed, or made to run the gauntlet or to clean the head or to carry a 30pound cannonball around the deck all day or to station himself at the top of the mast for a few hours or just to stand still until told otherwise.

Can we work together to make sure it lifts all boats? Jones promotes green-collar job training for inner-city youth through programs like Solar Richmond and Oakland's Green Jobs Corps, both of which teach young people to install solar-electric systems in replica Breitling A7836238 Men's watch houses and businesses. You teach a young person how to put in a solar panel and they may become an electrical engineer someday, Jones said. We can create green pathways out of poverty. Majora Carter, founder of Sustainable South Bronx and one of Outside’s eco-all-stars in 2006, had a similar message, calling environmental justice the civil-rights movement of the 21st century. “

If we can talk about putting caps on our carbon,” she said, “we damn well better put caps on our poverty emissions.”I think every hippie in Northern California is here, another journalist commented during a lunch break as we walked past replica Breitling A3534012BLK Men's watch vegan-food stands and booths selling hemp T-shirts. Maybe, but I couldn't dismiss them as hippies; these were the movers and shakers of the modern grassroots environmental movement. And they’d gathered to talk not just about changing lightbulbs or driving hybrids but about concrete ways we might build a greener, more just society from the ground up.